A sidenote:

As a crafter and costumer, I wholly support the Handmade Toy Alliance in their efforts to save hand-crafters and their businesses by adapting this legislation so that small businesses will continue to grow instead of being forced under.

You can show your support by visiting the link in the right sidebar.

Taken from http://www.change.org/ideas/view/save_handmade_toys_from_the_cpsia

Save Small Business From the CPSIA

A Proposal From the handmadetoyalliance.org:

In 2007, large toy manufacturers who outsource their production …read full article…

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Sewing | Jan 8

Beginner Bellydance Week Two

Breakdown of Basic Isolations - Week Two

Start by warming up and reviewing the material from the previous week. We will then add these two moves to our vocabulary:

  • Mayas - Vertical hip figure eights are also called “mayas” or “amayas” depending on where you learn your dance vocabulary. They are done by using your hips to draw a figure 8 on the wall in front of you. Start by sliding your hip to the right, now push your hip down. Slide the move up and through the center of your pelvis so that your left hip is up and out. …read full article…

Beginner Belly Dance Week One

Breakdown of Basic Isolations - Week One …read full article…

Blogging About Belly Dance

I have been so busy actually dancing lately that my blogging has suffered.

Starting next week, I will start posting the moves that I am …read full article…

Belly Dance | Sep 12

Belly Dance Every Day - Belly Flutters

This is fairly simple. Belly flutters are done by tightening and releasing the stomach muscles repeatedly and rapidly. The trick is not holding your breath while you are doing them.

Belly Dance Every Day - Belly Rolls

Focus your attention on your abdominal muscles. Try to locate a top set (up near your ribcage), a middle set, and a lower set (just above the pelvis). There are, of course, more than three sets of abdominal muscles, but locating …read full article…

Belly Dance Every Day - Sweeping Hip Circles

A sweeping hip circle is a huge, exaggerated hip circle that also involves the upper body.

Start in your basic stance with your arms held out to the side and do a couple basic hip circles (drawing your circle on the floor) to get in rhythm. As you take the hip circle to the back, lean your upper body forward. When the circle comes to the left, lean your upper body …read full article…

Belly Dance Every Day - The Body Wave

A body wave is an undulation that is a camel in reverse.

Start in your basic stance. Tuck your pelvis forward, roll the move up and drop your ribs (you will be in a slight slouch - please note that this is when someone will decide to take your picture!), and straighten your body by releasing the tuck and straightening your shoulders …read full article…

Belly Dance Every Day - Camels

Sorry to have been away so long. The office is finally moved and I can get back to dancing! I’ll try to find something new to post on weekdays.

Let’s try a camel today. A camel is an undulation that starts at the top. Begin in your basic stance (feet planted firmly on the floor pointing forward …read full article…

Belly Dance Every Day - Egyptian Hip Circles

The Egyptian hip circle is a little more complicated “traveling” move. I put traveling in quotes because, while you are doing footwork, you essentially stay in the same place.

Start with your feet together. Step forward on your right foot. Slide your left foot to the right so it is behind your right foot. Now, swing your right foot around your left foot so it is behind …read full article…